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Castel Education was founded in 2011 to support International Students coming to Ireland by providing, through partnerships, structured pathways to their chosen Higher Education programme. Today, Castel Education is a leading provider of international educational services to a wide range of partners throughout the world.

In January 2012 we established an independent English Language School. We have an exceptional group of highly qualified teachers that draw on over 30 years of experience teaching students from all over the world.

In February 2012 we moved our global headquarters to the award winning Kerry Technology Park - European Entrepreneurial Region of the Year in 2011, and, in August 2012 we introduced a range of pre-pathway English Language Programmes.

In 2013 we launched our suite of International Concierge Services with a clear focus on supporting our Irish partners through the delivery of some, or all, of the non-academic needs of their clients. We also extended the scope of our pathway programme partnerships beyond Medicine, to include Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Nursing and Biomedical Sciences.

In February 2014 our English Language School was fully recognized by ACELS, a service of Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI), for English Language Teaching. During this year, Castel broadened the scope of its Summer School offering to students from Europe, East Asia and South America.

In June 2015 we extended our suite of International Concierge Services to support the transfer of clients to Canada.

2016 will see substantial innovations at Castel Education including the launch of a suite of specialized Summer Schools and Castel Connected - a revolution in web-based language learning.

What We Offer

Castel Products and Services

Intensive English
Language Training

These programmes are designed to develop the language proficiency and academic skills of students who wish to pursue qualification from an English oriented institution. Whether students wish to simply improve their communication skills, or prepare for a prerequisite English exam for a third level course, Castel intensive programmes can fully attend to their needs.

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University Pathway

Castel does not provide independent pathway programmes. Instead, we partner with the most innovative and recognized Higher Education institutes in a particular discipline and develop a structured, pathway programme for International students. Together with our partners, we have successfully developed exceptional pathway programmes into Medicine, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy and Podiatry in Ireland.

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English Language

Castel Education's QQI approved English Language School has a wide range of academic, professional and corporate clients each with a unique set of requirements and preferences. We deliver the highest international standard of language training ensuring that the learners’ needs are central to the entire process. We provide a combination of General and Academic English training to ensure students move forward with confidence in their chosen field of study.

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Castel Concierge is our personalized, direct support for the non-academic needs of International students and trainees. This service enables our students or trainees to focus on their studies, while we attend to the peripheral details. We believe our concierge provision contributes significantly to the overall partner experience and ensures a positive engagement for our clients with their target students/trainees.

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Castel offer a comprehensive suite of general and specific purpose summer programmes. We promise a fun, interactive and engaging experience while also maintaining an academic focus to ensure maximum linguistic advancement. Students who enrol for these programmes will be guaranteed the highest level of tuition, state of the art facilities, modern accommodation and an all-inclusive service which simply cannot be rivaled.

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Castel Connected is a cutting edge online learning platform which offers a database of over 5,000 high-quality resources combined with one to one, video-based teacher support from qualified, native English speaking teachers. Each learner that registers on Castel Connected establishes a personal learning pathway built around their daily schedule. We help individuals get quality language support, where and when they need it, anywhere in the world.

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Castel Education strives to be a great partner with a drive to deliver a unique experience to all our partners' clients.

We continue to grow our global network and welcome the opportunity to develop new and creative ways to help our partners achieve their goals.

Where a partner organisation currently has an offering of educational programmes in the market, and an established distribution channel, we would like to explore the potential of adding some or all of our programmes to their suite of offerings.

Castel Education is keenly interested in exploring any partnership opportunities where there are clear synergies between both organisations.

Castel's team of educators are available to deliver a menu of education programmes and facilitate their delivery, in our classrooms, at our client's premises, or in an online/blended format.

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Our Partners


Philip Curtis, Associate Director, The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland have engaged Castel Education to deliver the English language component of the International Medical Commencement (IMCP) program at the Institute of Technology Tralee. The IMCP programme was initiated in 2009 and is a bespoke programme designed to prepare international students, who's first language is not English, for the undergraduate programmes of medicine, physiotherapy and pharmacy that are offered in RCSI. The IMCP has students from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Iraq, Uganda and Nigeria and the challenges of integrating these young students into life in Ireland and third level education are significant. To meet this challenge, Castel provide a comprehensive range of non-academic support services to ensure the smooth transition of these students from their home Countries to life in Ireland. The services include but are not limited to, orientation, visa advice and processing, Garda Immigration, accommodation, transport, health information in addition to a range of office hours support.

Castel Education also provide the important service of liaising with the student Sponsors to keep them fully informed on the progress of their students by providing regular updates and reports.

At all times, Castel Education has brought a most professional approach to all of its dealings with the IMCP.

It's English Language School has consistently delivered outstanding results and its attention to detail in all of the other services it provides to our students has ensured a very successful outcome for the IMCP.

Mohamed Alhosani, International Medical Commencement Programme student from United Arab Emirates

The course greatly helped to improve my English Language skills. In Tralee the amount of integration between people is amazing. It is said that everyone knows everyone and this is true.

Mr. John Magner, Head of International Affairs, Royal College of Physicians of Ireland.

Working with Castel Education has been a tremendous help to me as Head of International Affairs with the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland at two levels. Firstly, Castel Education have been invaluable to me in the planning and preparation of our entry to Postgraduate Medical Training in the Middle East;and secondly in the personal support services they provide to individual trainees we recruit as they prepare to come to Ireland for training. Their experience and networking with Middle Eastern Government Agencies, coupled with their clear focus on outcome, have contributed enormously to identifying the key agencies we engage with. All of the doctors on our new Fellowship and Residency Programmes have spoken in glowing terms of their engagement with Castel and the smooth and seamless transition to Ireland through their engagement with Castel Education.

Dr. Michael C. Hall, Vice-President, Academic Affairs and Registrar, Institute of Technology Tralee.

The Institute of Technology Tralee have delivered the International Medical Commencement Programme (IMCP) with the RCSI since 2009. Castel has delivered the academic language skills component of the IMCP since 2011. This programme has been a great success thanks to the excellent professional, collaborative, quality-enhancement approach of the partners.

Mr. Paul Nolan, Associate Director for International Programmes, RCSI

Castel Education have provided Surgical Affairs in RCSI with concierge support services on our Postgraduate Surgical Training Programmes since 2012. Castel have worked closely with us in both the development and delivery of critical support services for candidates traveling to Ireland as part of the IMGTI (International Medical Graduate Training Initiative). Their services and continued support have been a critical part of the success of our programmes to date. They have specific insights, experience and contacts in their field from which both our candidates and our team have benefited greatly from. We are delighted to highly recommend the Castel team and the services they provide to any organisation.

Amenah Dhannoon, International Medical Commencement Programme student from Iraq

The programme succeeded in developing my language skills through IELTS and English classes. I have enjoyed joining societies inside and outside the institution, attending guest lectures and making new friends from different nationalities.

Dr. Maisaa Alwohhaib, Head of Kuwait Cultural Office, Dublin

The Kuwait Cultural Office has engaged with Castel Education since its establishment. It delivers English Language Training to our students on the International Medical and Pharmacy Commencement Programmes through its excellent English Language School. Furthermore, Castel provides a range of supports to our students which have ensured a happy student cohort during their preparations for their professional careers and we are delighted with student performance in both their Commencement Programme and their Medical/Pharmacy studies after. More recently, Castel Education has provided crucial support to Kuwaiti doctors embarking on Postgraduate Medical Training in Ireland. We are indebted to Castel Education for their professional and thorough approach and their attention to detail in all aspects of their engagement with our students, both undergraduate and postgraduate.

Ali Almuhanna, English Language Programme Student from Kuwait

The ELP gave me many significant advantages. It improved my English language skills while also assisted me to build on my CV for the future. I joined many medical courses that were provided by the institute for example first aid course - cardiac response among many others. In addition, ELP aims to help the student to cope with the problem of homesickness by providing various activities and cultural trips to different parts of Ireland. From my perspective, one of the greatest benefits was being part of an Irish host family which gave me the opportunity to experience a different culture and improve my language.

Dr. Ameera Balhareth, Surgical Fellowship Trainee at Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.

I appreciated the Castel education teams enthusiasm to help me from my first day in Dublin. From that day it felt like home and for sure their endless support and suggestions contributed immensely to this level of comfort. My special thanks to the Castel education members for the wonderful job they did for me and for my friends, and I am confident that this great support will continue.

Omamah Alzaher, International Medical Commencement Programme student from Saudi Arabia

I did many things for the first time and I discovered stunning places which I really want to go back and visit again. I gained lots of experience in how to listen to lectures and take notes during them.

Dr. Rakan R. Al-Turki, Plastic Surgery Senior House Officer, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland & Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, King Fahad Specialist Hospital - Dammam

Each time I've moved to a new country, my biggest concern is a smooth & effortless transition. Thanks to Castel Education's help, being available 24/7 & welcome package, my transition was much smoother than I could ever hope for. Castel Education was also open to all my constructive criticism & constantly working to improve its services. Good luck and thanks for all your help.

Hebah Alrashed, English Language Programme Student from Kuwait

The ELP was a great experience as I was able to improve my English language as well as my general knowledge of the Irish culture. I had the opportunity to discover and improve my weaknesses and to know what type of learner I am which helped me to get the optimum benefits out the course. At the end of my ELP I had acquired unforgettable memories, also I was ready and confident to start my foundation year because of the experience I had gained throughout the year.

Khalid Al Munaikh, International Medical Commencement Programme student from Kuwait

I learnt how to manage my time better, be open minded to new ideas, to speak up and express my thoughts and to learn from my mistakes. The staff and teachers of the course are dedicated, friendly and very helpful.

Fatema AlQatan, English Language Programme Student from Kuwait

I consider the ELP one of the most advantageous years of my life. In this year my personality was built, my horizons were broadened and my language was greatly improved. For me, making new friends and exploring a new country with a new culture was the most amazing thing in the year. My teachers helped me to get used to different accents which I found very beneficial in the IMCP programme where my lecturers have many different accents. I will never ever forget my experience on the ELP last year because it was my GAP year where I acquired all the important educational skills for going forward.

Ebrahim Aldouseri, English Language Programme Student from Kuwait

The course was extraordinary! I learned a lot more than I expected and of course it greatly improved my English. I am now feeling more confident than I was at the beginning of my educational journey. I recommend the course for those who are trying to improve their English language and I am glad that I completed it. I learned how to manage my time in an appropriate way in order to overcome any difficulty while studying and in exams. In addition, I gained the skills needed to undertake a foundation programme without any fear of failing in it.

Sarah Almutairi, English Language Programme Student from Kuwait

For me, the ELP course was a mix of fun and an unforgettable experience, it gave me the chance and time to practice my hobbies; I learned how to cook, travel alone and gave me confidence to join the gym and become involved in clubs and societies. I also had a great time learning about the Irish culture both in class and on organized college trips. Additionally, the Elective Modules I took were very informative and a constructive challenge that encouraged me to prepare better for my IMCP year. I was introduced to tertiary level in gradual steps, which helped me blend in easily while mixing with the many diligent students I came across during the year.

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